YouPaint - freedom of expression

1. Download 2. Paint 3. Share
  • pictures with title, tags, description
  • comments
  • ratings
  • searching and ordering
Mobile app:
  • J2ME and Android (IPhone in plan)
  • multiple brushes, eraser
  • 16.7M of colors, transparency, color picker
  • zoom, move (multi-touch, Android 2.0+)
  • multi-step undo, redo
  • load, save to file
  • share Facebook, Flickr, YouPaint
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You Paint is an image sharing website - oriented for handmade pictures, created with touch phones.
YouPaint comes with mobile application for touch phones (J2ME and Android).
YouPaint is absolutely FREE.

Sceenshoots of YouPaint (Android version)

YouPaint - Gallery YouPaint - Paint View YouPaint - Paint Edit
YouPaint - Brush Config YouPaint - Color Select YouPaint - Color Picker
YouPaint - Share Select YouPaint - Share Dialog